Koi to Osatou (Love and Sugar)

Source - by Jibu on Pixiv



Adrien Phew...


Adrien Fighting an akuma first thing in the morning sure is tiring...

Adrien I want something sweet...

SFX swp


Marinette U...Um...

Marinette That's...

Marinette my tea...


Adrien Eh?

Adrien Oh!

Adrien Sorry, I made a mistake! Here, trade with me.

Marinette I-i-i-i-i-it's okay! I always put lots of sugar in my tea anyway.


SFX shh shh shh shh shh shh shh

Marinette Ahahahahaha!


Adrien ...That's what you said, but...


Adrien You actually liked your tea black, didn't you?

Marinette Th-that time I wanted it sweet!


Marinette ...But...

SFX glance


Marinette Ever since that day...

Marinette I started putting sugar in my tea.


Adrien Did you say something?

Marinette It's a secret!

Marinette I'm always so...

Adrien Ehhh?