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Vocabulary List

Kanji Reading English Gloss Frequency Notes
2 に 2 〜歳 〜さい ~years old 息子 むすこ son いる to be (animate) 介護職員 かいごしょくいん caregiver 1 いち 1 日 ひ day フル full, full-time 職場復帰 しょくばふっき return to work 体調 たいちょう physical condition どう how いい good ありがと thanks 幸い さいわい fortunately 施設 しせつ center, establishment 託児所 たくじしょ day-care center そこ there 見てもらう みてもらう to be watched for いってらっしゃい phrase used when saying goodbye to someone for the day バイバイ bye-bye お願いします おねがいします set phrase for when someone else is doing a service for you

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Happy episode #61

I have a two-year old son.


I went back to work full time as a caregiver when he turned 1.

How are you feeling?

Good, thank you.


Luckily, the place I work has a day-care center, so he's taken care of there.

Have a good day!


Thank you.