A Christmas Adrinette Manga

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Marinette Tikki! I'm making Adrien an advent calendar as a Christmas present!



Tikki An advent calendar?

Marinette Yeah.


Marinette You count down to Christmas with a chocolate every day ❤️

Marinette I'm going to write a message in each chocolate's wrapping paper ❤️


Marinette And this is what I'm going to write as the message for the last day on the calendar!

SFX smitten

Marinette "Merry Christmas, Adrien. I love you"...


Tikki I think that's wonderful! Do your best, Marinette!


Plagg What are you grinning about, Adrien?


SFX heh

Adrien Marinette gave me an advent calendar. She wrote a Christmas message on the wrapping paper for each chocolate.


Adrien This one says, "You should make sure to give your reindeer apples. If you don't, they might eat Rudolph's nose!" I wonder if Marinette came up with all of these herself?

Adrien [Marinette is so funny.]


Plagg Does this advent thingy have cheese in it, too?

Adrien No.


Plagg ...Is it hidden somewhere else, then?

Adrien Stop, Plagg, you're supposed to open one door each day.


Plagg Hmmph! It's from your baker girlfriend,

Plagg so it should have something delicious in it!


Adrien Marinette's just a friend, Plagg.


Plagg Just a friend, huh? Is that why you're keeping every little piece of paper she wrote a message on?

Adrien It's because it's like getting a letter every day. It makes me happy.


Adrien Marinette is a wonderful girl...and a precious friend.

Plagg Well, that's just what I think, anyway.


Plagg Then give me some cheese, if there's none in here!

Adrien I give you cheese all the time.


Caption December 24th. (The last day of the advent calendar)

SFX pop

Plagg I'm sure the last day is a special cheese.


Caption Plagg can go through objects.


Adrien Plagg, what are you doing?

SFX start



SFX gurk


Adrien Did you eat the last chocolate from the advent calendar?


Plagg I'm sorry, Adrien.

SFX droop

Plagg I was sure the last one would be a delicious camembert.


Plagg I ate so fast I ate the wrapper, too. [Blurggg]

Caption He's gagging


Marinette Tikki! Adrien texted me!!!


Marinette "Can we meet up today?"

SFX thump thump

Marinette He must have read my confession...


Marinette What is he gonna say? I'm scared, Tikki!

SFX Ahhhhh!

Tikki It's okay! I'm sure it's nothing bad, Marinette!


Adrien I'm sorry!


Marinette What...?


Adrien I...lost the last chocolate from the advent calendar...

Adrien I wasn't able to read your last message...


SFX glance

Adrien I looked forward to them every day, so I wanted to apologize...


SFX phew

Marinette Oh, thank goodness...


Adrien Huh?

SFX flustered

Marinette Uh, um...no, I mean, I was worried about something completely different!


Marinette I'm really happy that you looked forward to the notes every day. Don't worry about it.

Marinette Besides...

Marinette I'm really happy that I got to see you today. [Even if my feelings remain secret...]


SFX squeeze


Adrien So what did you write

Adrien in the last note?


Marinette Ah...


Marinette Er...

Marinette "Merry Christmas, Adrien..."


SFX thump thump

Marinette "...I"

Marinette "I...


Marinette l...

Marinette love you."


Marinette ...

SFX smile

Marinette "I hope you have a lovely day..."


Adrien Ahhh, I see.

SFX ruffle

Adrien Yeah, okay...


SFX blush

Marinette I should have just told him. I'm so stupid!


Adrien Oh...


Adrien Sorry, Marinette.

Adrien My ride is here.


Adrien Sorry to make you come out here for something so silly.

Adrien Have a Merry Christmas.


SFX glance


Adrien Marinette,

Adrien I'd love to make you an advent calendar next year.

Adrien Will you show me how to make one?


Adrien ...It's okay if you don't want to.

SFX shy


Marinette Of course!

SFX shine

Marinette Of course I'll show you!


SFX wave

Adrien [See ya.]


Marinette ...

SFX thump thump thump thump

SFX mumble

Marinette Adrien...I love you...


Marinette In the end, I still wasn't able to tell him how I feel, Tikki.


Tikki But you have something to look forward to now!


Marinette It's true, Tikki.

SFX fwump

Marinette I never thought he'd say something like that to me. It was like a dream come true.


Tikki Looks like you've cheered up a bit, Marinette!

Marinette Thanks, Tikki. I'll do my best next time.


Plagg Adrien, are you still mad?


Adrien No.


Plagg You got to head what was in the note you couldn't read, so what's the matter?

Adrien ...I just feel kind of unsatisfied.


Plagg Unsatisfied?


Adrien I could tell from all the previous notes that she wrote them trying to make me happy.

SFX sit up


Adrien But what she said today wasn't like that...it was like a Christmas form letter...


Adrien ...I think I was hoping for a special message from her.

Adrien But that's weird, right? We're just friends. Why should I expect something special?


Adrien Maybe I want to be a special friend to her?


Plagg Aren't you just making everything too complicated?

Plagg If I want to say something, I say it simply. Like, cheese and bread are a perfect match!


Adrien You're obsessed with cheese, Plagg. [And we're not talking about cheese.]


Adrien ...Oh well. We're going to make an advent calendar together next year, so maybe she'll become my special friend.

SFX dreamy



Plagg As long as you're happy, I guess.

Plagg More importantly, where's my Christmas cheese?

Caption Needy Plagg

Caption That's love, Adrien!

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