What I've Been Working On

For the past several months, I've just kept a notes file open with the title "Ideas" that I periodically dump stuff into. I'm a lot better at generating ideas than following through on them. I often quickly become bored or, more commonly, convince myself that my idea wasn't that great to begin with, so it should be abandoned before anyone else wastes their time. But I want to follow through on this: I'm keeping a blog, I'm going to talk about language learning somewhere other than in my various-levels-of-willing friends' gchat windows, and I'm going to write some tutorials for annoying but useful tech junk I've done. Join me on this wild ride if you dare.

To begin, let's start with a list of links that I have categorized in my bookmarks as "Stuff I Talk About All The Time." These are links I dig for because they are often relevant to what I'm thinking about or conversations I'm having, and you can probably tell a lot about me from them.

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